The BEST fun photo display idea

Smile each day as you relive your favorite memories, displayed on the walls around you.

I am so excited to share an idea with you today, to create a fun photo display. It’s so fun, so fast to do, and looks fabulous. What’s more, it’s inexpensive, and makes a great gift.

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This is perfect for you if you’re looking to jazz up your walls.  Want to add some of your own personality?  Photos are one of the best ways to do this, but in the past, people would put photos in frames, and that would be it.  Those photos and frames will stay there until you move house.  People NEVER change the photos in their frames, and as you only have limited wall space, your photo display ends up being a static history from one point in time.

However, there is another option.

I was scrolling through the internet a few weeks back, and came across these wall décor dots.  They are SOOOOO cool. (And I got a discount for you. Go to the bottom for the code.)

Four 15cm wall decal dots.

They’re reusable, and removable, so although they can be ‘permanent’ they don’t need to be.  You can mix and match them, add more, take some away, change them around – you get the drift!  Can you imagine the super cool photo gallery you can now create?!

And, as someone whose house is wallpapered, this is a product that I can finally use on my walls.  The dots are not just for painted walls.  They can stick to any clean stable surface, and don’t leave any residue behind.

I’m SOOO excited.

As I read about them, my mind starting running away with ideas.

Four 15cm wall decal dots.

Oh how I wish I’d known about them when my son was studying overseas.  There couldn’t have been a more perfect gift to be able to send him to decorate his dorm with.

Because that’s the other bonus with this product.  They’re flat, and light, and get shipped in a tube.  So they’re not expensive to ship around the world.  (Plus, Happy Moose ship around the world for you, so you only ship once.) #winning

Although it was too late for my son’s dorm, it wasn’t too late for my niece. 

She’s studying away from home for the first time, so it’s nice to be able to personalise her room with something special to her.  I asked her to share a few of her favourite photos with me.   Many of her photos celebrated friendships, alongside special trips.  It was lovely to see the importance she places on her friends and family.   I purchased two different size dots so there was a little variation, and on one of the large ones, I combined three photos (that’s a great way to get more photos in!).

It took about a week for the dots to arrive from when I ordered them (during a covid lockdown).  I was so happy to open the tube and see them, they were even better than I was expecting.  The dots are actually a fabric, with a matte finish, so they have a small amount of texture to them.  They peeled off the backing paper easily, and hey presto, you just pop them on the wall.  That’s it!  But obviously you can move them around as you like.  So if you’re like me, who LOVES change, you can literally change how they look every week if you want.

I tested them out on my wall first (just because you can), and then gave them to my niece. She got them straight up on her dorm wall in a photo display. She’s super happy with them!

A mix of 12" and 5.5" photo dots

But wait, there’s more.  I hadn’t realised it at first, but Happy Moose also do the same product in squares and rectangles.  So if you prefer your photo display to be a more classic look, you can still achieve it.  How cool is that?  And these ones come with a small white border, which I love.

Square set of six 4x4" photo wall decals in a photo display

My mind is racing again with where I’m going to add these next.  If you’re a scrapbooker (like me), you could create a page design and have that printed.  How cool!

How about you?  Have you got someone away at school who’d love these in their dorm?  Or a room in your house that could do with a little jazzing up?  Wouldn’t these make great Christmas presents!  Especially if you have family overseas.  Because yes, they ship around the world. 

Creating them was as simple as choosing what size I wanted, and then loading each image into the Happy Moose website. It was a super simple process. Because I’d seen in their images that you could put more than one on a dot, I decided to combine three images on one large dot.  You can do this in canva (they give instructions), but because I use Artisan software on a daily basis, I created it in this. (If you have this, or photoshop, just create a square with the divisions as you want, and then when you load it into the circle in the Happy Moose software, you can arrange it within the circle as you like.)

Here’s my original image;

Three images, put into a square and divided, ready to upload
The square tri image in the upload software
This is the image above, loaded into the ‘dot’ software.

Can you imagine the amazing wall art and collage walls you can create with these dots / squares?!!!

Four 15cm wall decal dots


Seriously, they’re an amazing product, and I think you should go create and order some for yourself now! Because I thought it was so cool, I contacted Happy Moose and got a discount for you. If you type in the word memories in the code area when checking out, you’ll get a 10% discount off any / all orders.

Even better, there’s no hanging hassles, they don’t protrude into a room, and they can change your decor in an instant.

To continue the ideas, as I was searching Pinterest the other day, I came across this image;

Dorm Room Photo Wall Ideas You Can Copy From Pinterest

I have always loved this saying (& mantra), and loved the idea of placing it in the middle of a photo display.  You could totally do this with the dots or squares you print through Happy Moose.  And to help with that, I’ve created for you a Collect Moments not Things graphic that you can add to your print file.  Join my VIP group below, and I’ll send you the file for free.


This then made me think about how you could create a wall of your favorite inspirational quotes, mixed with your favorite photos.  Oooh, I’m off to play!

Have fun with it all.

I would love to see what you create, so don’t forget to share. (Don’t forget to use the code memories to get your 10% discount.)


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  1. Jeff Albom says:

    I love this idea. I have so many images but it’s only the ones in the frames that end up on my walls. And, they stay there for a LONG time. This will allow me to constantly change what I show.

  2. What a lovely idea! We just moved to a new house, your post comes perfectly in time as I was thinking how to decore some walls with our photos 🙂

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