Welcome! I’m super excited you’re here.

Rediscover yourself with me!

I’m Megan, a Middle Aged Mama of 2 handsome boys, now 22 and 23.   I’ve been training hubby up for 25 years now – it’s a work in progress, so I’ll probably keep him on for a little longer.   I have the sweetest tooth (love chocolate and caramel), travel, photos, coffee, scrapbooking, tennis and baking.

I know some people come into middle aged with no shortage of trepidation, but I can honestly say I’m (mostly) excited by it!  Why?  Because now I have time for me.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably devoted yourself to raising your kids, being a good wife, and looking after your home – all while possibly working (paid work that is), at the same time.

But once your kids start to become fairly independent,  you’ll find your time commitments to them diminishing.

It would be easy to fill that time eating chocolate, drinking wine, and watching tv, BUT as much as I love all of those things, I want to fill my time a little more purposefully.  (Although that’s not to say I won’t also be doing these things, I’m just going to intermingle them with other activities).

NOW is my time.  I have time to put myself first.  It’s time to travel, to craft, to exercise, to read, to have a massage – all of the things I may have put off until later, and felt guilty about doing before.  It’s time to re-discover ME!

If you’re at a similar stage and feel like it’s time to rediscover yourself, I’d love it if you were to join me on this journey.

Without the expenses of kids, you’ll hopefully have a little more discretionary income to be able to spend on yourself (alongside that retirement planning).

So this time of our lives is a total win win.  You’ve got time, you’ve got money, and hopefully you’ve got health.  Now is the time to go and create an everyday life that fulfills YOU.

My plan is to live my best life now, so that when I can no longer do all of these things, I’ll have amazing memories to be able to reminisce on in my twilight years.

I want to live a life that has purpose, that reflects gratitude for all the little moments, that contributes positively to society, that’s fun, that keeps my body moving and healthy, and that balances family, adventures, and time out.  I know that to do this, I need to consciously plan this.

Let’s discover and create our best middle aged mama selves together.


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