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Save those memories …

Preserve your story for generations.

Recording our travels in albums is really important to me for so many reasons and in so many ways.   Some people don’t realise how important it is to save those memories, until it’s too late.

So I urge you to find a way that works for you, to record and save your memories and story.  It is time spent that you will never regret.

I love creating my album pages, whatever form that may take.   As I’m creating my album pages, I’m re-living those moments.  You are instantly transported back to that trip, so effectively you’re doubling (more actually) the value of that trip, as you travel it again and again through your pages.

I also really enjoy telling the story – I’ve lived long enough now to know I’m going to forget things – not just the little details, but sometimes even the bigger things, so writing it all down whilst traveling or when I get back, means it’s not forgotten.  I love that people can read my albums and truly know the kind of trip and experience we had.

The value of creating albums

This trip to Whistler was a really special one for me, as at the time, we thought it might be our last ‘family’ vacation.  Our kids are grown, and traveling with Mum and Dad isn’t really top of their fun last I’m sure.  But if Mum and Dad are paying, they’re ok with coming with us!

I planned the trip for them.  I wanted to ensure they had an experience that they would love, and remember for years.  They did have a fabulous time, but surprisingly so did I. (You have to read the story to know why I said that!!) In fact, two years on, and we were talking about this Whistler vacation just a couple of nights ago.  Of course, once we started talking about it, the album came out, and then it was full on reminiscing, as we went through the pages. 

THAT is why I love creating and saving my memories.  Gathering around to re-live those moments with others is in itself a priceless moment.

So with that intro, here’s a few of the pages and memories from our Whistler, Canada ski trip.   

Digital Scrapbooking 

I created the pages in Artisan software, then printed them as full 12×12 photos (this is my preferred finish – the photos are full resolution, so beautiful and sharp and designed to last), and then I pop them into page protectors and album.  This style of saving your memories is called digital scrapbooking.  

One of the huge benefits of digital scrapbooking, is that the only tool you need is a computer, and there’s no mess as you create.  For many, this is a huge bonus, especially if you don’t have a lot of space.

And, the extra bonus with these type of pages, is that they’re really fast to complete, so you can’t use the  “I don’t have time” excuse!

If you’d like to learn how to create digital pages of your favourite memories, I’m here to help. Leave me a message in the comments section, and I’ll be in touch.

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