My 2nd slothful confession & new habit for the year

So here I am in month two of my 12 months of new habits. (Read why here on Ditch the New Years Resolutions.)

In my newsletter last month (have you signed up to receive it yet?), I confessed to a habit that I thought might shock or disgust some of you. While it may have, I did receive a few messages saying I wasn’t the only one who didn’t do this. Thank you, it was so nice to hear I wasn’t alone.

But now I’m being asked what my new habit is for the month.  I have to admit to dragging the chain a little with letting you know, because it feels a little like each month I’m confessing to a new, bad habit.

And now, here I am, confessing this one on here, for all the world to see, instead of just in my newsletter.

In letting you know what my new habit is, I have to let you know what it’s replacing that with.  I’m feeling a little exposed.  Gosh, if it feels this way after one (almost) two habits, how am I going to feel at the end of 12 months?

Here everyone – learn what a lazy, slothful girl Megan is (hopefully was!).  Arrgh.  Do I need to tell you each month what my new habit is?? 

Before I decide to confess the new habit, let me share how I did with habit 1 (which was to wash and moisturise my face each night).  I’m giving myself a 70% pass.  The first 11 days were amazing.  I was home everynight, and established an 8pm routine, which worked really well.  Then ….. I wasn’t home at 8pm one night, and got in late.  And …… I was tired and didn’t do it.  And that pretty much summed up how the rest of my month went.  If I was home, I was pretty good at remembering and doing.  If I was out, not so good (except for once!!). 

So habit one is still a work in progress, but I’m taking a pat on the back for my 70%, because that’s a whole lot better than I was doing before.

One of the ‘rules’ of creating a new habit, is to focus on creating a new habit, instead of stopping an old one.  However, with this months’ habit, I really am stopping an old habit.  It’s not being replaced with something consistent.   I wonder if this will be a downfall for it?  And, it’s a new weekly habit, instead of daily, so again, I’m wondering how this will go.

OK – here goes …. 

I’m a little, wee bit addicted to tv.

Here goes my justification. 😊

It’s the way I relax at night.  I work at home, and so it’s a new space for me to head to, and just blob. 

And, it also feels like a way for the fisherman and I to relax together.

But, how crazy is this, I’m not even interested in half the stuff I watch.  It often is a time killer until it’s time to go to bed.

I know all of this in my head, but I haven’t done a very good job of not doing it. I get sucked into some trivial story on tv, and want to know how it ends.

time for a new habit

So I’ve started small.

Habit number 2 is to not watch tv on Wednesday nights.  Any.  Not even the news.

As I write this, it’s Friday, so I started this week on Wednesday.

In a rare moment, I was actually alone on Wednesday night.

OMG did I want to cheat.  And no one would have known.

It started after I made dinner.  I mean, there was no one to talk to, and it just made so much sense to sit and watch tv while I at least ate dinner.  Right?!

Uggh, it was sooooo hard, but I headed outside, and sat at our outside table alone, just me and Bella (the dog), and enjoyed the night.  It was pretty nice actually.

Then it was time for The Block to start – it was garden reveal night.  My favourite episodes are always the reveals.  It was soooo hard not watching, knowing it was happening.  But I resisted.  I really did.

I started to tidy up, and clean up the house.  I actually had plans to do some scrapbooking, but I got involved in tidying, and was actually enjoying the progress I made.

At 8pm I washed and moisturised!!

Then as a reward, I sat on my couch, and read a magazine.  That was a nice gentle way to slow down, before I headed to bed.

It so wasn’t easy, but I was pretty proud of myself.

I’m really hoping I can continue this habit – I KNOW there’ll be so many benefits to it.

I’ve put a reminder in my phone, for 6pm each Wednesday night, so I don’t forget.  And I’m going to plan some things ahead of time, so I’ve always got something to look forward to.  Hopefully with others home on other Wednesday nights, I’ll have someone to ‘play with’.

So there you go.  There’s another one of my slothful secrets, and my new habit to try and limit it a little.

How about you?  How have you gone with your first new habit of the year?

Please don’t let me be the only one confessing here!

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