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30 Day Isolation Challenge

Wow – who could ever have imagined the chaos our world has been plunged into? It is a surreal reality.

Like everyone I’m sure, I’ve watched how different world leaders have set their own country’s responses to the virus. I think the greatest concern to any of us is underestimating how severe this can be. It is also clear, that your best defence against it, is to self isolate.

In New Zealand, our Prime Minister has instigated our level 4 crisis response, shutting down the country for four weeks to all except for essential services. In my opinion this is a very wise move.

So here we all are with 4 weeks of enforced home isolation. As a homebody, I am not at all distressed at the restrictions, as I have a huge range of ‘things’ to keep me ably occupied. (In fact, for way more than 4 weeks!). Never again can anyone laugh at my craft hoard!

When I became a parent 23 years ago, I started documenting our family’s life. It has become a huge part of my life – I turned my passion into a business, and teaching others to do the same thing has been one of my life’s purposes. I truly believe there is no greater physical gift that you can give you child, than the story of their life, showing how much they’re valued and loved. It is a priceless gift, that along with everything else, is also a valuable historical record.

And right now, we are living through an incredible historical event. No one in the world is exempt from effects of the disease – whether that’s physical, emotional, or economical.

When you consider the situation and conditions in past world wars, it is almost laughable how easy our contribution needs to be. We need to stay home, with those we love the most.

That’s not to say it’s not going to be challenging, but simplistically, it’s pretty easy.

As someone who’s worked from home for years, I know how important it is to wake up each day with purpose. It will be the same for all of us in isolation. I love the power of a list – and right now is a great time to create a list of all the things you could / want / need to do whilst in home isolation.

I think it’s also incredibly important for you to record your moment in this history. It’ll give you a purpose during your isolation, and it will be an incredible record for our history books.

To help with this, I’ve created a 30 Day Isolation Challenge. You can use this however you wish. You can choose to take on and do the entire challenge, or you can create your own, using some of the ideas on it.

30 Day Isolation Challenge



Over on my FB page I’ll be sharing my moments of isolation, and challenge records. I encourage you to do the same. Let’s create a community, where we can learn, share, and encourage each other through this tough time.

But wait, there’s more ….

Stay tuned, as in the coming days, I’ll be sharing some ideas on how / where to record this information permanently, so you’ll be able to truly share YOUR story with your future generations.

Kia kaha everyone. Stay safe, and stay home.

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Whether or not you did the #30DayIsolationChallenge, you may still want to document this time in history. Here’s how I’ve documented my time in isolation.

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  1. Wendy Jones says:

    Thanks Megan for a great 30 day challenge. I must admit it was a great way to form a habit about taking photos each day. It also confirmed my love for scrapbooking and documenting life. 😘

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