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Phone photography tips

Want to improve the photos from your mobile phone? Take on our basics 7 day challenge with easy to follow phone photography tips.

Having a camera in our handbag or pocket, always on hand, has opened up the world of photography. Never before has a generation taken as many photos as we do today. It can be an absolute blessing to be able to capture impromptu moments, without even thinking about it. You just whip that phone out and ‘snap’.

But do you ever look at those snaps and wish they were better? You’re not really sure how, but you just know that they could be improved??

What if I told you that you could improve them in just 1 week? That with 7 basic tips, your phone photos could go from boring to beautiful?


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Keep reading, because you can!

Creating albums can also make you a better photographer

I have owned a succession of cameras over the years, from point and shoots, to SLR’s. I LOVE the quality of my SLR photos, but I don’t love how big and heavy that camera is, and I only have that camera on me when I plan it. Which is not often these days. It is just so easy and simple to use the camera on my phone. The quality of the camera on our phones has also improved dramatically over the last 5 years, so it’s not so much of a compromise any more.

I am passionate about my family photos, and creating story books of our lives for not just our children, but for future generations. I could write and write (and write) about the benefits of doing so, but I’m going to save you that ‘lecture’ today. What I am going to share is that through this passion, and having created many albums and books, I’ve learned a few key lessons in photography.

When sharing my albums, I am often asked if I’m a photographer. People fall in love with how my albums look, but worry that there’s won’t look the same, because their photos are not as good.

Can I tell you that it’s true! Sadly, albums do just look better with better photos. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create albums if your photos are not sharp, it’s just that they are more visually appealing when the photos are better. And it’s easy to do.

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The other good news is – is that all of the photos in my albums over the last few years, have simply been taken on my phone. No fancy camera, no fancy editing afterwards, no add ons – just point and shoot with my mobile phone camera.

Phone photography tips. Camellia in my garden.

The even better news is, is that I can teach YOU how to get photos that look just the same. You can improve the photos you’re taking with your phone, in just 7 days! This is not a technical course, or for anyone who’s already skilled. This course is for the everyday photographer, the Mum or Dad taking photos of their kids, travel, pets, garden – just everyday life.

I’m going to share really simple everyday tips that you can learn in a jiffy, and perfect with practise.

Sign up now for my 7 day basics challenge. You’ll get an email everyday, with a lesson. These will take you 5 minutes (tops) to read. But each little tip will take you that step closer to improving the quality of your photos.

Sign up now, and let the lessons begin!




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PS. If you’re in lockdown somewhere in the world, this could be a great exercise for you. Learning something new and creating something is a fabulous way to stimulate the brain (as suggested here in our tips on Staycation ideas).

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