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Hi, I’m Megan, a middle aged Mum from New Zealand.  My two very handsome boys are 19 and 21, and although they both still live at home, they’re pretty independent now.

So phase 3 of my life has begun!  I have always loved to travel, and have seen a fair bit of the world, but as I’m sure you can relate – the reality of work and life curtails the dreams a little.   As I enter this new phase of life, it’s really important to me to have the adventures and see the rest of the world I’m yet to explore, whilst I’m still young and able enough.

As I like to ‘get the most bang for my buck’ I do a lot of research before I head anywhere, looking for the best way to travel, the smartest way to spend my $, and hoping to find some ‘hidden gems’ alongside the ‘must dos’ of any destination.  Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes with hubby, and just occasionally (aka when I’m paying!) with my boys.

I hope my stories inspire other  ‘middle aged Mummas’ to further their ‘horizons’ and create their own adventures.